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7 Principles of Power Racing


First and foremost, Power Racing is about helping people live long and vibrant lives. The blend of strength training and endurance training will have you looking good and feeling good at every age. The medical research is very clear; the combination of muscular strength and cardiovascular stamina lowers the risk of dementia, heart attack, Alzheimer's, and diabetes.


There are 13 major muscle groups in the human body; Power Racing hits every muscle in the body from multiple angles. But we didn’t stop there. Power Racing is more than just a strength workout. Power Racing’s patent pending race format challenges athletes anaerobically and aerobically. Some events fire fast twitch muscles and others require slow twitch muscle engagement all while utilizing all three of the body’s energy systems: Phosphagen, Glycolytic, and Oxidative.


Power Racing programming is designed to maximize your fitness in as little time as possible. We love fitness but also love our families, jobs, movies, and other hobbies. A Power Racing program will have you working out consistently, but you’ll do it on your schedule and in short duration blocks. A Power Racing program will not subject you to multi-hour bike rides or the excessive joint pounding of long-distance running. Most Power Racers spend 5-7 hours a week total with 3/4 of their time doing resistance training and 1/4 on steady state cardio with distances tailored to match the maximum health benefits, no more.


Some fitness programming requires technical lifts, extreme weight, and complex motions that involve body momentum. This combination can be difficult to do for many and can lead to injury. Power Racing uses basic body movements and tailors the weight lifted to the athlete’s bodyweight to make racing safe for all athletes. Four levels of race competition enable everybody from novice to extreme athlete to find a challenge and a new level of fitness.


Power Racing is a goal-oriented training methodology that incorporates a ton of variety and a measurement system that creates the platform for year-round, life-long fitness health. Power Racing Events create milestones that keep you focused and motivated. The scale and mirror can be finicky measurement tools. Power Racing augments these traditional markers with a continuous improvement system that has athletes continuously setting new personal records in training and on race day.


Power Racing is the only weightlifting competition where athletes of different sizes can compete fairly. Our patent-pending race format leverages the proven Wilk’s Coefficient to competitively assign working weights to each individual. Power Racing doesn’t require any unique or expensive equipment and every gym can be a Power Racing gym including your home-gym.


You’ll want to bring your friends and family to Power Racing events. Racing takes place in age group heats which creates a fun and exciting competition from start to finish. The race format has athletes competing on a spectator friendly centralized Power Stage with constant action and lead changes between events with the run event finishing back in front of the crowd.

Power Racers

There are people in this world that take a no excuses approach to fitness and life. They are achievers who set goals and find the magic that happens outside their comfort zone. They are positive energy people who value their time and the people in their lives. They prioritize their physical health and mental health, consistently striving for their next personal best. These are the people who succeed in the gym, at work, and in life. We call them Power Racers.

Team Power Racing 

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