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Deadlift Test

The Power Racing Deadlift Test is a universal test of deadlift power, and endurance that allows athletes of all sizes to compete and push each other to new levels of fitness.

The Test

  • 50 rep deadlift for time

Test Yourself

Step 1: Find your working weight on the Power Racing Weight Tables

Step 2: Warm up and load your weights

Step 3: Start a timer and complete 50 reps in as few sets as possible

What you need

  • Stopwatch 

  • Olympic barbell and weights

  • Notepad or phone

What's a typical time?

Times vary based on the class you choose and your conditioning. The chart below shows the range of times recorded and the average. Olympic Class times will generally be higher than average. Remember Power Racing is about continuous improvement. It doesn't matter where you start, just start.

Range and Average Times
Deadlift Times Avg.png

How to do it

The Power Racing Deadlift Test is a time trial event where athletes complete 50 reps of a specific weight across multiple sets with a running clock from the first rep to the last rep. The goal is to complete the 50 reps with the designated weight for your weight as fast as you can. The weight used in Power Racing is far more than you will be able to do in a single set especially in the Elite and Olympic Classes. Most athletes do between 5 and 15 sets completing 4-12 reps in each set. The stronger you are the more reps you will be able to do per set and the shorter your rest periods will be.     

What level should I use?

If you lift weights only occasionally or are new to weightlifting start with the Sprint level. If you are an experienced lifter you can judge based on the working weight designated for your bodyweight.


Start your timer right before your first set. Do not stop the timer in between sets. Let the timer run until you have completed your 50th rep of deadlift.

Do quality reps. While Power Racing is a race it's not about doing "fast reps". It's about doing quality reps in as few sets and with the shortest rest periods as possible

Break your reps into any number of sets that works for you. (e.g. 10 sets of 5, 5 sets of 10, 12 sets of 4 +2, etc.) Sets can include any number of reps and rest periods are as long as you need to restore your ATPs.

Quality Deadlift Reps

  • Any grip can be used.

  • No straps.

  • Knee wraps and gloves are optional. 

  • Each rep must start from the ground. A rep counts once the athlete has locked out their knees. 

  • Do not drop the bar on decent. The athletes hands must remain on the bar for the decent and the athlete must control the weight to the ground. Do not bounce the weight off the floor. In competition the rep will not count if the bar is dropped out of control.

  • At the end of each rep the athlete must open their hand sightly to demonstrate they are not bouncing. No "bounce and go" reps.   

Sign-Up for an Event

Power Racing gets really fun when you all of the events back-to-back outdoors with dozens of other athletes. Find upcoming events here

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