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Power Triathlon

The pinnacle of Power Racing is the Power Triathlon. A sprint Triathlon combined with a weightlifting Power Race consisting of deadlift, bench press, and pull ups.

In the shortest amount of time possible, complete:

  • 500 meter swim

  • 50 Deadlift reps

  • 50 Bench Press reps

  • Pull-ups *

  • 20k Bike

  • 5k Run

Here's how the race works:

Athletes start with the swim, like a standard triathlon. At the completion of the swim racers go to the Power Stage where they complete all three strength events in succession: deadlift, bench press, then pull-ups.

The lifting stations are pre-loaded with the racers correct working weight prior to them hitting the lifting stations.

After completing all of the lifting events athletes leave the Power Stage and head to the standard triathlon transition area and complete the bike portion of the Power Triathlon followed by the run.


The athletes Power Race time starts as soon as they enter the Power Stage area. Athletes that complete a Power Triathlon at the Elite level in under 2 hours among the fittest athletes in the world.

Sounds tough, sounds amazing, let's do it.

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