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Power 5k Test

A Power 5k is a test of strength, power and endurance where you complete a Power Race followed by a 5k run as fast as you can.

The Test

  • 50 deadlifts

  • 50 bench press reps

  • Pullups

  • 5k run

What you need

  • Stopwatch 

  • Olympic barbell with weights

  • Bench press bench

  • Pull-up bar

  • (Optional) Resistance bands

  • A 5k running route

  • Notepad or phone

How to do it

Step 1: Complete a Power Race

Step 2: Run a 5k

Step 3: Compare your results at


Start your timer right before your first set. Do not stop the timer in between sets or between stations. Let the timer run until you have completed your 5k. 

Record Your Times

After you complete your Power Race pop over to our log results page and see how you did. Log as many attempts as you like. 

Sign-Up for an Event

While completing a Power Race is seriously tough on its own, the true spirit behind Power Racing is "complete fitness" which happens at Power 5k and Power Triathlon events. You will complete a Power Race and an endurance race in one insanely fun and challenging event. Find upcoming events here

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