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Power 5k at Heritage Park

April 24th, 2022

Here is your next fitness goal

Looking for an upgrade from the standard 5k? Power 5k’s are a new, trending race format that combines weightlifting with endurance racing into a single event. The result is a complete test of fitness that is challenging and fun for athletes from beginner to elite. A Power 5k consists of: Pull Ups, Bench Press, Deadlifts, and a 5k Run.

  • Weights used are tailored to your body weight.

  • Challenge yourself from every dimension of fitness: Endurance, strength, anerobic, aerobic, fast twitch, slow twitch, speed, and power.

Location and Directions

16050 Pflumm Road
Olathe, KS 66062

The Power Racing Stage will be at Shelter 7 checkout the park map for detailed directions once inside the park. Heritage Park Map

Parking is available at Shelter 7. Additional parking is available at Shelter 6 and Shelter 8 which are both short walks away.

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  • Top 2 male and female finishers get supplement packs from Supplement Superstores

  • High quality Power 5k race t-shirt

  • A ton of goodies from our race sponsors

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How it Works

  • A Power 5k is a time trial race. You will complete 50 reps of deadlift followed by 50 reps of bench press, then pull-ups, then run a 5k.

  • The race is electronically clocked by an active race timing system with each athlete wearing a timing chip. Your time is the total time from your first deadlift rep to when you cross the finish line at the end of the 5k. Splits are recorded after each event (e.g. you will have a deadlift time, a bench press time, a pull-up time and a 5k time.)

  • Athletes are started in waves on multiple sets of equipment in lanes. Staggered start times are used to ensure there are no backups on the course. 

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