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"Loved it all! I'm so glad you executed this idea and did it so, so well. It was a blast."

Jesse K.
Personal Trainer, Fitness Book Author


"It was a blast and I cannot wait for the next one! There is a big future for Power Racing." 

Vic T.
Power 5K, Heritage Park Race

Growth happens when you leave your comfort zone

Challenge Yourself!

Power Racing merges weightlifting and endurance racing to create the ultimate fitness test. Our innovative racing formats create a fitness competition that is challenging and fun for athletes from every background. 

Endurance, strength, anerobic, aerobic,
fast twitch, slow twitch, speed, and power.


If you're into fitness,

Power Racing is for you.


Healthy Kansas City Podcast

Power Racing founder, Dan Zimmerman, is joining Dr. Tim Cummings for Episode 40 of the Healthy Kansas City podcast. They discuss the importance of resistance training in overall health and your next heathy addiction, Power Racing.

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What's a Power 5k?

  • 50 reps of bench press

  • 50 reps of deadlifts

  • 25 pullups (8 females)

  • Run a 5k


Welcome to Power Racing

Get in on the trending Power Racing fitness test and see how you stack up.


Fitness v. Endurance

A marathon isn’t a good test of fitness. Here's why.

Power Racing Formats

Power Race

In the shortest amount of time possible complete:

  • 50 Deadlift reps

  • 50 Bench Press reps

  • Pull-ups

The weight used will require you to use multiple sets per event. Find your working weight and reps for pull-ups on the Power Racing Weight Tables. At the Advanced and Elite levels the weight is higher and pullup reps increase. The principle of Power Racing events is to work every muscle in the body. The combination of pull-ups, deadlifts, and bench press do just that. By the end of a Power Race you will have moved 10,000 - 20,000 lbs in 10 - 30 mins. That's some serious power output. Checkout the race rules and test yourself.

* Can't do pull-ups yet? No worries, assistance bands are allowed at the Keystone level. Checkout the weight tables for details.

Power 5k

Looking for an upgrade from the standard 5k? Power 5k’s are a new, trending race format that combines weightlifting with endurance racing into a single event. The result is a complete test of fitness that is challenging and fun for athletes from beginner to elite. In the shortest amount of time possible, complete:

  • 50 Deadlift reps

  • 50 Bench Press reps

  • Pull-ups 

  • 5k run

Completing a Power 5k is a fitness goal that truly inspires weight loss, muscle building, and complete fitness.


Power Triathlon

Imagine combining the World's Strongest Man competition with a Triathlon -- that's a Power Triathlon. 

The pinnacle of Power Racing is the Power Triathlon. A sprint Triathlon combined with a weightlifting Power Race  consisting of deadlift, bench press, and pull ups. Athletes that complete a Power Triathlon at the Elite level in under 2 hours among the fittest athletes in the world.

Who are Power Racing events for?

Power Racing is designed for everybody. No matter what your fitness background is or if you are naturally an endurance athlete or naturally a fast twitch athlete, Power Racing will push you to improve your overall fitness.  

  • The weight you use is tailored to your body weight 

  • No highly technical lifts

  • Rep ranges that spur muscular strength, power, and toning

  • Race distances that optimize cardiovascular health without excessive wear on the body

Life is busy! We tuned Power Racing to maximize health and fitness in the least amount of time possible. Training for Power Racing gives you constant variety and continuous improvement. Power Racing is truly for everybody.


Crossfitters have been craving more opportunities to compete in live events for many years. Your wish has come true. Anaerobic, aerobic, strength, speed, endurance, upper body, lower body --> Power Racing fits Crossfitters like a glove. Get out of the gym and into the sun for a new challenge.  

Obstacle Course Racers 

Take a break from the mud and spears and conquer another race style. OCR athletes are often very successful in Power Racing events.


Being a triathlete is tough and impressive. Being a Power Triathlete, well that's just God status. Your next challenge awaits.


You've spent a lot of time in the gym. It feels good to set goals and achieve PRs but it's even better to have a chance to show off that strength and compete. Don't let runners have all the fun; show them how weightlifters get it done.    

Runners and Cyclists

Many runners and cyclists are much more than just and endurance athlete. We see ya'. Here's your chance to flex your fitness.  


Round out your awesomeness. Powerlifters than can brush off a 5k are a different class of athlete.

Super Heroes 

Moving 20,000 lbs in 30 minutes then blasting through 30-60 minutes of cardio isn't for mere mortals. Pick a cool super hero name, and show everybody the badass that you are. No capes.

Firefighters, Police, Military, and First Responders

Power Racing is for actual heroes too. To show our appreciation for your service we always discount your entry fee.  


"I lost 5lbs in about a month preparing for the race. I had a great time!"

Rick H. 

Power 5k, Heritage Park Race


“It was a lot of fun! I lost some weight and 100% gained upper body mass training for the race.”

Brandon B.
Power 5k, Heritage Park Race

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